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March 12, 2019
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Find out why you should visit your dentist twice a year for family dentistry procedures if you want to maintain good oral health.

While we all know the importance of brushing and flossing our teeth each and every day there are some people that don’t always visit theirDentist dentist regularly for care. While at-home care is certainly important to your oral health it’s equally important that you turn to our Wilmington, DE, family dentists Dr. John Lenz, Dr. Anthony Vattilana, and Dr. Michael Lenz for routine checkups. Here’s why!

Reduce Plaque and Tartar Buildup

While brushing and flossing can certainly reduce plaque buildup it’s common to miss certain areas. Once plaque hardens into tartar it’s impossible for your normal toothbrush to remove it. Only our Wilmington, DE, dentist will be able to during your cleaning. If left on teeth, plaque and tartar can lead to cavities and gum disease.

Catch Problems Early

The goal of preventive dental care like your six-month checkups is to prevent cavities, gum disease and other issues from affecting both the health and appearance of your smile. While gum disease affects nearly half of American adults it often doesn’t cause any symptoms; therefore, the only way to be able to detect gum disease is through a simple dental checkup. By catching gum disease early we can help you manage it and prevent further complications such as tooth loss.

Improve Your General Health

Your oral and general health are linked; therefore, it should come as no surprise that just by looking at the health of your gums and teeth we can often detect other issues such as diabetes, bacterial pneumonia, heart disease, and over a hundred other systemic infections. Therefore, maintaining good oral hygiene can also improve your overall health, too.

Potentially Save Your Life

Oral cancer is one of the deadliest forms of cancer because it doesn’t often produce symptoms until the cancer has already spread; fortunately, if you come in twice a year for your routine cleanings and dental exam we will be able to perform a quick oral cancer screening to look for early warning signs that you might not notice.

When was your last dental cleaning? If it’s been more than six months then it’s time to call Wilmington Dental Associates in Wilmington, DE, to schedule your next appointment. Call us today to ask any family dentistry questions!


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