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November 08, 2018
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Find out why it never hurts to have a family dentist by your side.

Are you wondering what our Wilmington, DE, family dentists Dr. Michael Lenz, Dr. Vattilana and Dr. John Lentz can do for you and your family? Have you been curious to find out why a family dentist could be a benefit? Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place.

A family dentist is able to provide a whole host of dental services to patients of all ages. You’ll go to them for dental cleanings and checkups, to have teeth filled and for other cosmetic or restorative treatments.

This is an important benefit since patients will have different dental needs depending on their age. For example, once your child’s permanent teeth start coming in you may notice that some of them are coming in a little crooked. When this happens you may want to know whether they need braces. This is where our Wilmington, DE, dentists can help. Of course, we can also provide the same quality and trustworthy dental care to teens, adults and seniors, as well.

Want to find out if professional teeth whitening is right for you? Wondering if dental implants can replace your missing teeth? Dealing with dry mouth? All of these situations can be addressed by our dentists to help you maintain a beautiful, healthy smile. Having a dentist by your side that you can turn to for all types of dentistry often makes it easier to follow through with those routine dental cleanings every six months, which is a major benefit to your oral health.

Plus, we make it easy to get all of your dental needs met in one place, no matter what it is you need. Do you need to talk to us about getting adult braces but the rest of your family needs a dental cleaning? No problem. We can work with your schedule to get everyone in around the same time. This surely takes all that running around and stress out of scheduling those routine dental checkups, doesn’t it?

Once you have a family dentist that you trust you will always go to them for all of your dental needs. That means, whenever you have an emergency or an issue you have someone that is always there to provide you with reliable dental care time and time again, and that’s certainly something to smile about.

Living in Wilmington, DE, and in need of a dental checkup? Then turn to the family dentistry experts at Wilmington Dental Associates. Schedule appointments for the whole family.


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