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February 08, 2019
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Dental Sealants ProcedureFind out if dental sealants could reduce your child’s risk for cavities.

We know that parents want to do whatever is possible to protect their child’s teeth from cavities. While visiting our Wilmington, DE, family dentists Dr. John Lenz, Dr. Anthony Vattilana and Dr. Michael Lenz every six months for checkups is one surefire way to prevent problems from occurring another option is to get dental sealants. Here’s what you should know about this preventive treatment:

Q. What are dental sealants?

A. A dental sealant is a thin, plastic coating that is painted over the chewing surfaces of your child’s molars to seal out the crevices and to provide a smoother surface, where food and bacteria are less likely to get trapped. According to the CDC, once a dental sealant is placed it protects the back teeth from cavities up to 80 percent in 2 years and will continue to provide about 50 percent protection for up to 4 years.

Q. Does placing dental sealants hurt?

A. Absolutely not. Getting a sealant is quick, easy and painless. This requires absolutely no needles, anesthesia or numbing gel, as the entire process is completely non-invasive. We can even place your child’s sealants during their next cleaning.

Q. How are dental sealants placed?

A. To prep your child’s back teeth, our Wilmington, DE, dentist will first clean the teeth before applying a solution to the chewing surfaces of the molars. This solution will etch the surface so the sealant sticks to the tooth. From there the solution is removed and the tooth is cleaned.

Now it’s time to paint the sealant on. Once the sealant has been painted over the chewing surface a small light is directed over the tooth to dry the sealant into place. Once this is finished, the sealant is now fixed to the surface of your child’s teeth.

Q. Will you be able to see a dental sealant?

A. A sealant is usually made from a clear or slightly white plastic, which you shouldn’t be able to notice. You definitely won’t see it when your child smiles.

Getting dental sealants in Wilmington, DE, could provide your child with the added protection they need to prevent decay in susceptible back teeth. If you are interested in learning more about dental sealants call Wilmington Dental Associates today to schedule a consultation with us.


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