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May 11, 2017
Category: Oral Health

What your dentists in Wilmington, Delaware want you to knowgum disease

Periodontal disease isn’t something you should ignore because you can lose your teeth! It all begins with easily identifiable signs and symptoms you can recognize. Your dentists at Wilmington Dental Associates in Wilmington, Delaware want to share the facts about this common and often ignored disease.

Gum disease is the first step toward periodontal disease. The good news is gum disease can be reversed because it only involves soft tissue. If you begin excellent oral hygiene habits like brushing after meals and before bed, and flossing every day, you can bring your mouth back to health.

You can look for these signs and symptoms of gum disease:

  • Swelling and redness in your gums
  • Pain in your gums
  • Blood coming from your gums when you brush and floss

If you ignore the signs and symptoms of gum disease, it can progress to periodontal disease which also involves the bone in your jaw. The bone becomes diseased and destruction of bone begins. Eventually, you can lose the bone holding your teeth in, and you can lose your teeth right along with the bone.

You can look for these signs and symptoms of periodontal disease:

  • Receding gums
  • Tooth roots that are exposed
  • Frequent bad breath
  • Teeth that are sensitive
  • Teeth that have shifted or feel loose

You may or may not feel any pain with gum or periodontal disease. That’s why it’s so important to visit your dentists in Wilmington regularly. Dental exams including x-rays every year, and professional cleanings every six months should be part of your health routine.

If you have periodontal disease, more frequent exams and x-rays may be necessary and you should plan on more aggressive dental cleanings to bring your mouth back to health. Typically, periodontal disease treatment involves an initial deep cleaning to rid your mouth of all soft and hard deposits on your teeth. This is followed by more frequent cleanings, every three to four months.

You deserve to keep your teeth and save your smile, so don’t let periodontal disease take over. Find out more about periodontal disease therapy by calling your dentists at Wilmington Dental Associates in Wilmington, Delaware. Call today!


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